Commercial locksmith

Locked out of your business premises

If you have locked yourself out of your business premises or garage, then give us a call and we can gain entry quickly and easily. 

Commercial lock replacements, upgrades and repairs

Most commercial premises have the same high security locks that are fitted in residential properties. We carry most of these replacements on board the van.

Master key locks

Some doors require two or maybe three locks that can all use the same key, or a mixture. 

We can also supply suited locks that can be master keyed or pinned to allow different keys access. An example would be for a school allowing a master key to open all, teachers keys to open just classrooms but not offices, and office staff keys to access just the offices. 

Aluminium swing door locks

We supply aluminium swing door locks and their associated electronic releases.

Multiple copies of keys supplied on site

We can cut multiple copies of keys on-site to suit the needs of your staff and security requirements.

Concerns about the security of your business premises

If you are not sure how effective the locks on your business premises are, then we can offer you free advice on how to improve and upgrade your current systems. It is always best to feel safe and secure rather than take the risk of a break-in.

This is especially important if you have a lock that you feel is deteriorating. The earlier it can be looked at will benefit you, as to wait will make the job more expensive and more complicated. Give us a call and we can inspect your locks as soon as possible.

For any of the above, please call us on our mobile 07973 129550 or 01323 899999

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