Do I need a double-glazing person to fix my door lock?

No. Your double-glazed door has a lock in it and needs a locksmith. An experienced UPVC locksmith who knows about UPVC doors and their multi-point locking mechanisms.

Please watch our video and read more on our UPVC door lock replacement page. 

What do insurance companies ask for? 

Insurance companies usually ask for a British Standard 5-lever deadlock on wooden doors. These can be identified by the faceplate of the lock; it should have the BS kitemark on the lock.

On UPVC and aluminium doors your insurance company would usually be looking for two or three locking points, however they do not request any specific lock cylinder to hold the locking mechanism in place. Even if the door is brand new sometimes the double-glazing company will only put a shiny £2.50 lock to hold it in place.  To find out more, or ask our advice free, please give us a call on 07973 129550 or 01323 899999

All windows except for escape windows should be lockable.

Should I change my locks when I buy a new house? 

YES, in my view, this should be a requirement of your insurance. You have no idea who has a key, whether one was left with a neighbour, ex-partner, decorator or even left under a brick? 

I’ve had customers book me up to change the locks when they move in only to cancel because the locks looked shinny and new!

My key has snapped in the lock. What should I do?

Our advice is to leave the broken key in the lock and do not attempt to try and force it out. This could cause unnecessary damage. Contact us immediately as we specialise in broken key removal.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

It usually takes us around 30 minutes, but it will depend on the type of lock you have fitted. A basic euro-cylinder will be quicker to unlock compared to a high-security anti-snap lock which needs specialist tools to open. 

Wooden doors may take a little longer as they tend to have 2 locks fitted.

Can you open a door without breaking it?

Yes, locksmiths can open doors without damaging the door and we use a non-destructive way of doing this to ensure that no damage is done. This is a simple job for any experienced locksmith. 

Can you make a key without the original key?

Yes, if you have lost your key, we can make a key from scratch. We also cut keys for office desks, furniture, and cabinets.

Should I call the police if I have locked myself out of my house

No. It is not an emergency in that sense, and you shouldn’t bother the police – call a locksmith. Call us on 01323 899999 or 07973 129550

I can’t get my patio doors closed again

If you have opened your doors and you can’t shut them again this is probably just a re-alignment issue due to lack of usage. It is unlikely to be a mechanical fault. Just call us and we can quickly get your door aligned and make sure it is in good working order.

My doors won’t open, and the keys go round and round

This is a common problem with a multi-point lock gearbox. It just needs replacing with a new unit which we can do.

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