Traditional door locks

Repairing a traditional door lock on a wooden door

I am pleased to say there are still some wooden doors out there and I get a chance to use a chisel. We carry a range of locks that will replace almost all sizes and types of traditional locks. If your lock breaks, or you lose your keys, we can replace it with a British Standard lock immediately.

Traditional Door Lock

Most wooden doors have traditional door locks which fall into two categories.

Night latches (traditional Yale type lock)

These have a spring bolt and are operated from the outside by a key, and from the inside by a knob or level. Typically, the brand name associated with this lock was Yale, undeniably still the market leader in night latches.

Deadlock or a deadbolt 

These are predominantly fitted inside the door. A bolt is operated by a key from either side. Insurance companies usually ask for a 5-lever British Standard deadlock on wooden doors. Typically, the brand name associated with this would have been Chubb Locks (now made by Union).

union lock 5 lever
replacement deadlock

There is a variation of the deadlock, this is called a sash lock. It’s a deadlock with a handle that operates a latch. These locks are best suited to back doors and shop doors.

For more information on night latches (link to page) but please feel you can call us free for impartial advice.

If you have a broken traditional door lock, please get in touch and we can secure your property quickly. Phone 01323 899999 or 07973 129550.

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