UPVC Door Locks

UPVC door lock repairs and replacements

Greg Anderson is an expert when it comes to UPVC doors locks. They can have some very typical problems which can be broadly categorised as issues with either:

Locking Cylinders

Locking cylinders may break or wear out. We always carry at least two of every size on board, both medium and high security versions. We can match both your lock needs and your budget.

Ultion Plus Lock

Gearboxes and locking mechanism strips

We stock different gearboxes and locking mechanism strips, and if needed can provide temporary overnight locks in the unlikely event we do not have your exact replacement to hand. 

Adjustments to UPVC door locks

Are you currently struggling to lock your UPVC door? Often this will need a simple re-alignment. An easy diagnostic test to see if your door needs adjusting before it breaks is to (and use one hand):

  1. Push the door closed.
  2. Lift the handle and let it go.
  3. Then turn the key.

If the above cannot be done with one hand, the door needs re-aligning, and we can help. Preferably sooner rather than later, as the full weight of the door resting on a badly adjusted locking mechanism will eventually break, and unfortunately it can often break in the locked position!

We guarantee you customer satisfaction! Any questions, please give us a call 07973 129550 or 01323 899999.

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